Avail the Best Cloud Data Storage Services

Avail the Best Cloud Data Storage Services

 The decentralized storage platform KRYPTOX has announced it has released its 1.0 version with a graphical user interface (GUI) and an instant wallet. The project has been anticipated since late 2020 since the developing team launched the project, which is similar to concepts such as Filecoin and Storj.

The “Enterprise-Grade Collaborative Cloud for Data Storage” otherwise known as KRYPTOX network has announced the unveiling of its 1.0 release. It claims the platform will create a trustful environment that is more secure than traditional file storage systems. Created by developer Leon Tiger.

Data Storage in the Protocol

The protocol stores data throughout a sophisticated pattern of nodes using smart contract technology. User files are protected, which according to the white paper, enables the formation of storage contracts between peers.

The team is looking forward to working with the community and beyond to build a better KRYPTOX and a more decentralized world.

Revolutionizing File Storage Space

The automated peer-to-peer blockchain-based collaborative enables users to rent file storage space from each other rather than a centralized provider.

KRYPTOX has initially been implemented as an token, but the developers are firm supporters of the ethereum ecosystem. Lets see what KRYPTOX will bring for the future of the new way we share data online.

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