Bad Santa Apes: The Official NFTs of Christmas Are Finally Here!

Bad Santa Apes: The Official NFTs of Christmas Are Finally Here!

 For years, Bad Santa has been keeping thousands of apes, elves and reindeers under his evil dictatorship to exploit them. This year, everything changed. Four Bad Santa Apes have escaped, and they are ready to take vengeance on the Bad Santa and free all the apes, elves and reindeers by creating the greatest Christmas-themed NFT collection in history!

Bad Santa Apes is a unique collection of 10,000 rare and valuable santas who struggle through the year. Some of them have become fat alcoholics, some are addicted to smoking, and some are hooligans and gangsters waiting for their lives to end.

But once Christmas arrives, everything changes: Bad Santa Apes come alive and use their collective power to completely take over the Internet!

Once this year’s Christmas arrives we will come alive and use the power of NFTs to break the Internet. By creating the greatest collection of Christmas NFT to ever exist, we will help thousands of our fellow apes escape the evil dictatorship of Bad Santa!

Help Apes Escape the Dictatorship of Bad Santa!

Have you ever seen an elf delivering your presents? We neither. But if you love NFTs, getting one of 10,000 unique Bad Santa Apes will be the best Christmas gift ever!

Many NFT collections exist, but on Christmas there’s just one that matters. 10,000 of Bad Santa Apes want to escape the dictatorship of Bad Santa and they are ready to rule the Internet all throughout the Christmas season!

For collectors who want us featured in their collections you can think about us like we are the ugly Christmas sweater in your closet – you can only wear it once a year and that’s what makes us special!

Throughout the year everyone has their favourite NFT collection, but on Christmas only Bad Santa Apes matter – after that we will take off to a wicked vacation with our fellow apes and come back next year!

Project Details

Name:         Bad Santa Apes NFT

Quantity:    10,000

Framework:   ETH, ERC-721

Sell Price:  0.1 ETH

Launch Date: 16th December 2021

Each one of the 10,000 Bad Santa Apes is completely different. They all share the basic template, but have unique details (one has sunglasses, another smokes a cigarette, yet another has a rare background). No two Bad Santa Apes are the same, and if you get a really cool one, it can be worth millions!

Not Just Collectibles!

Bad Santa Apes are much more than just cool pictures that you can proudly present in your profile pics on social media. Owning a Bad Santa Ape is also a ticket to an elite club of cutting edge NFT collectors who can enjoy a variety of unique and exciting activities!

Meet with other Bad Santa Apes collectors in our meta room, where you will be able to decorate a Christmas tree with others. You’ll also get the opportunity to buy exclusive merch from our webshop, and print your NFT on sweaters, shirts, shoes and other items!

Bad Santa Apes will also have a breeding function, which means that owning two or more of them will give you access to unique features. By breeding new Bad Santa Apes, you will be able to mint a completely new NFT for yourself!

More Than Just Apes!

Bad Santa Apes will be the first collection of NFTs from the Bad Santa Club, but not the only one. The collection will eventually consist of three separate NFT collections: Bad Santa Apes, Elves and Reindeers.

Once a year, during the Christmas season, the NFTs of Bad Santa Club will come alive and conquer the Internet. Are you ready to get one and show off your festive spirit?

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