Earn Passive Income with BBTF Crypto Token

Earn Passive Income with BBTF Crypto Token

 The web 3.0 paradigm is upon us, but many companies are still struggling to make the transition. The problem is that most companies are not built for a cryptographic-enabled world and lack the infrastructure to support it.

The web 3.0 paradigm shift is inevitable, but many companies are struggling to make the transition. Companies that don’t make the switch will be left behind as blockchain technology takes over.

BlockBusters is here to help. It offers a suite of services that will help your company make the jump to web 3.0 through tokenization. They are experts in web 3.0 development and can help web2 companies make the transition into the new era.

Tokenizing the Industries Towards Cryptographic Enabled World

BlockBusters will tokenize the industries so they can function more efficiently in a cryptographic-enabled world. Their ultimate goal is to help businesses keep up with the ever-changing landscape of the internet and remain relevant in the years to come. 

BlockBusters is a liquidity injection protocol created to incentivize a switchover to web3 platforms. It does this by providing opportunities for modern businesses to profit from tokenization.

It creates liquidity injection operations that improve the decentralized finance ecosystem. This means that its token will benefit from greater profits and utilities. As a web 3.0 service, it helps Web 2.0 assets become compatible with Web 3.0.

The protocol’s rewards ecosystem encourages users to hold its tokens by rewarding them with reflective tokens that compound over time. This provides an incentive for users to help promote the use of web3 technologies. Ultimately, the goal of BlockBusters is to help make web3 technologies more widely used and accepted.

BlockBusters Token (BBTF)

BlockBusters Token (BBTF) is a smart contract-based token that provides a rewarding infrastructure. It generates passive rewards in various ways, such as through a 9% reflection of 8 reflective tokens on each purchase or a 6% reflection of 8 reflective tokens on each sale. Additionally, there is an automated liquidity protocol in place that provides 2% internal growth rewards on each buy or sale, as well as 2% direct liquidity injections via the contract protocol. This makes it an attractive investment for those looking to generate passive income.

In order to acquire the BBTF token, you will need to set up a wallet, acquire BSC and connect to Pancake Swap. Once you have connected to Pancake Swap, you can then swap for BBTF. If you have any concerns, you can get in touch with them. The BlockBusters team is committed to providing education and resources to help users navigate the world of digital assets and blockchain technology.


The Decentralized Finance ecosystem is growing at a rapid pace, with new projects and protocols being launched on a regular basis. Block Busters is a first-of-its-kind liquidity injection protocol that aims to reward token holders from the greater activities of the ecosystem. 

It is a unique protocol that has the potential to benefit all participants in the Decentralized Finance ecosystem. By providing liquidity and rewards to token holders, it can help to grow the ecosystem and make it more sustainable in the long term. As the ecosystem grows and more fees are generated, the rewards for token holders will also increase.

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