Monalica Provides Branding And Marketing Services For The World’s Most İnnovative Crypto Brands

Monalica Provides Branding And Marketing Services For The World’s Most İnnovative Crypto Brands

 Monalica, which provides quality services in a wide spectrum such as Branding, Video Production (Explainer videos, Animation Videos, Promo Videos), Copywriting, Storification, Frontend and Backend Web Development, Full Stack NFT Collection Delivery; An experienced agency that prepared promotional videos for Quentin Tarantino’s NFT collection, which was sold for $1.1 million.

Layer 1 Blockchain

So far, their partners include Secret Network, a $335M Market Cap privacy first Layer 1 blockchain, SCRT Labs, Chameleon Ville, a Cross-Chain NFT Game & Community Experience, Legendao, which aims to bring the greatest minds of Hollywood to the NFT Space starting with Kevin Smith, Alter and the upcoming Hydro Finance.

They’ve had great results working with all of our partners and continue to share valuable experiences, bonded by great connections that rely on mutual trust and splendid final products.

The Monalica team, consisting of more than 30 professionals, became famous in the crypto community, especially with the promotional videos they prepared for crypto brands. The professional desktop video team of 8 people also consists of professionals who have prepared videos for the world’s biggest brands.

Monalica Crypto Marketing Agency

Monalica is a crypto marketing agency that stands out with quality and aims to provide only quality services. Monalica, which has not made any advertisements to date and has only expanded its customer base with recommendations, comes up with ideas that will have a nitro effect especially for new crypto brands or new products of existing brands.

Knowing crypto technology and culture, while also being advanced in technical competence, the team offers tools and ideas to grow crypto brands and introduce them to a wider audience.

In the field of NFT, it offers services in a spectrum covering all details from software to utility idea and content, from illustration design to rarity chart, from promotional films to social media account management. The NFT collection named Sienna Knights, prepared by Monalica for Sienna Network, was sold out in less than an hour.

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