Why NFT Cricket Collectibles of P2E Cricket Game Are More Than Just Entries on the Blockchain?

Why NFT Cricket Collectibles of P2E Cricket Game Are More Than Just Entries on the Blockchain?

 You might have already known that the developers of the world’s first NFT cricket game have scheduled an NFT drop event on April 22, 2022, on their own marketplace platform dedicated to the NFT cricket game.

The name of the game is Meta Cricket League, the NFT marketplace is known as Jump.trade, and the NFT drop event is called Super Loot. The development firm associated with this game is GuardianLink, a company famous for its previous NFT marketplace project called BeyondLife.club, which has collaborated with multiple big names so far.

The Super Loot NFT drop event is assumed to consist of NFT cricket collectibles of various types and rarity levels. So, the event has been highly anticipated across different communities for different reasons. In this blog, we will see how cricket NFT collectibles could hold more value than as mere entries on the blockchain.

Super Loot – What Could It Provide?

The Super Loot NFT drop event is hosted by the Jump.trade NFT cricket game marketplace, and it is expected to give out different NFT collectibles related to cricket, such as digital cricket player cards, digital versions of cricket bats, metaverse stadiums, and even signed cricket bats from cricket legends for random buyers.

We still do not know what utilities exactly each kind of NFT card could offer, but we are sure that they have much more benefits than being profile pictures or collectibles to brag about. The aspect of partial anonymity makes the drop event more exciting as people on social media have started their guessing games.

Also, even though the initial cost of the NFTs from the Super Loot drop is not exactly known, similar guesses have been made that the cost involved will be lesser than what is required to enter any of the existing popular blockchain games.

Cricket NFT Collectibles – What Value Do They Possess?

Although NFT collectibles based on cricket have been in existence for nearly a year, they have been in the form of video clips, much like NBA Top Shot. As far as the upcoming NFT drop for the game Meta Cricket League is concerned, we have already seen that the NFT drop could contain a multitude of products as collectibles.

Still, we have never seen the real value of sport-based NFTs that could touch the skies once enough general public understands the significance and potential of non-fungible tokens. Generally, NFTs based on games or made for in-game assets are not seen as valuable collectibles by the OG NFT collector community.

NFTs as Speculative Assets

Yet, many NFT enthusiasts buy those NFTs as speculative assets, as profit margins are usually higher and enough for a passive income. Some gamers who could not play an NFT-based game due to some reason can buy the NFT collectibles based on the game and showcase them among their friends and gaming communities.

Also, many millennial collectors have become gaming NFT collectors, and they have always been ready to spend a big purse on a promising gaming NFT collectible. Some of them also perform speculative trading of those NFTs, which has played an instrumental role in defining the prominence and reach of some blockchain-based games.

When talking about cricket fans, even though the sport already has NFTs like those on NBA Top Shot, many people never really understood the significance they provided. The collectibles expected from the Super Loot NFT drop could be emotionally appealing to general cricket fans, and gossips have been around that these collectibles then can be freely traded on the Jump.trade NFT marketplace platform.

If you ask any cricket fan for their biggest wish, it would be to meet their favorite cricketer and get a piece of memorabilia signed by them. It looks like their dream might come true if they opt to get into the NFT space with the Super Loot NFT drop event as signed cricket bats are to be given, although the possibility of a “meet and greet” session with the players has not been officially announced yet.

NFT Collectibles and Blockchain Gamers

Adding to that, the cricket NFT collectibles can also be useful as speculative assets since the user base for the NFT cricket game is expected to climb up shortly. Digital cards portraying players and equipment with a rare availability could hit the higher decks of the price charts as soon as more blockchain gamers get tactically involved with the metaverse cricket game.

Also, people who hold on to their NFT collectibles irrespective of the price change (HODLers) can prove vital in defining the metaverse world with their presence as a stationary entity who would possess some of the rare assets that the other players would badly need.

Although the above statement does not put them in a bad light, their contribution as HODLers is immense to the whole game’s ecosystem (which, I guess, lies beyond the scope of this blog).

There are also possibilities for a gamer to rent their digital property (in this case, stadiums in the metaverse) to other players to garner passive income apart from playing the actual game. As such, NFT HODLers can prove to be useful if they have their hands on metaverse cricket stadiums rather than other cards.

Some Ending Thoughts

Henceforth, any NFT collector, avid cricket fan, or gaming geek can be greatly benefitted from the upcoming Super Loot NFT drop from the Jump.trade NFT marketplace. The cricket NFT collectibles present in the Super Loot are estimated to have more value than they are initially sold for since there are high chances that the public’s perspective on blockchain gaming might change very soon.

The drop event is also set to make NFT gaming an income option for people in new regions of the world, which might prove to be a masterstroke for the metaverse gaming world and world economy. Finally, what truly sets aside the Super Loot drop is that a cricket fan can get their hands on some digital/physical items that make them tick off an entry on their wishlist.

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